Bright side of being an introvert
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Bright side of being an introvert

 People have many types of personalities and backgrounds even history. A comparison between two or more totally different individuals would be unfair.Being an introverted person is not something to criticize or have negative emotions about .

Have you been there when I tell you , being the lonely one in class or third wheel In a friendship? Can you relate to staying alone majority of time? Maybe there were countless situations you remember clearly as I bring up that you did not speak up for your self? Last one chosen when making teams in sports class? Well, I have been there as well.
This topic does not aim in any way possible to change you from being INTROVERTED .This topic helps you see matters from a different angle, a better one and more realistic.
It is extremely easy to blame ourselves and the world but have you tried thinking outside the box for a bit?

Introverts are successful people within a society full of jobless extroverts. 

Also , Introverted thinking people tend to dream much . It was never limiting for those to challenge and try something lot likely to be out of their comfort zone.It takes courage to do so.
It is very okay to need company, or not being able to do things 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼yourself
 No one did, not even  the best of us.It'is okay to have some help in the way

Introverts have creative thinking. They can see what others cannot. I call that an ability to visualise matters clearly before they are put into existence. An example is that they prefer working alone because others do not see their vision of things or may prevent them from proceeding their plans.

Introverts are unique. In a world full of extroverts and. attention seekers INTROVERTS stand out with their individuality

Introverts are Strong. Although society is a dark place, Introverts fight to live not to fit in .

Awkward situations happened to all of us , I include myself in this one. Being able to move on from those and proceed living accepting your nature that you share with millions who thinks just as you do is a deal breaker and a prove for all doubters that YOU ARE STRONG.

Eventually , it is crucial for me to remind of the fact that self love makes miracles. It is a process that takes time , but it is  worth having. Introvert or 


The world needs your energy and talents, GO OUT AND FACE IT ..

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