What can i do when bored!!!
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What can i do when bored!!!

Feeling bored is a feeling people usually experience on a daily basis.
 It gets more intense when special conditions occur.
This year 2020 was the year of quarantine which means everyone is bored!
 People tried the craziest things just to break the chain of routine. 

But let me suggest you👀❤☺ few things you can do when bored

Grab a book.yes , reading is a great way to spend time wisely 

doing the habit of the richest people on earth ! 

The successful people are know to be readers. 

This is your chance to become one of them .

_ Get real good at something. Improving your capacities 

in the main empty time you have is a priceless gift 

you will need much later.maybe it is a talent or a hobby 

you ignored for some time or perhaps a task you delayed 

for long whatever it is , make it your strength .

instead of weakness. Usual life was extremely busy ,

no one almost had time to sit down and enjoy 

some quality time together.

 Learn another language. Learning a new language is very fun 

and it shows you the world from a different perspective. 

Lessons are various on YouTube,Go whatch one.

5_ practice sport. Healthy body healthy mind right? In a addition 

to enhancing your look you can release stress and obtain a .new healthy habbit

6_ Look after yourself. This time helps you realize 

and discover parts of your personality maybe you never knew.Some precious "me time" would be amazing appreciating all gifts we have in and around us.

Meditate thankfulness.There is always something to be thankful about in your life.Meditate and reality those things and people you have , a smile will .soon way your face 

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